Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Biggy Biggy Big can't you see......

I have been completing a project within my office so forgive my failure to post quickly. I had an interesting report for you regarding what Mike lovingly refers to is "Bigs, Jenn's crappy little dog". Yes, somehow Bigs has become more my dog than Emilys, but that's okay. He is a pretty good pup, but has never seemed to pay much attention to Jude. In fact, he will walk over Jude sometimes without consideration. I have said before that my take on this is that in the wild animal kingdom the mother would have left Jude if he had been born to them in this condition. It sounds terrible, but it's true. So maybe Bigsby didn't recognize Jude because of this? Anyway, the other night I had gone to a Scentsy party, and Mike was left in charge of the feeding pump. Mike had gone down stairs to retrieve some medicine, and the pump alarm went off signifying Jude's feed had ended. Mike wasn't to concerned because he knew what the alarm meant. He said suddenly Bigs came flying down the stairs barking in distress, and when Mike ignored him Bigs responded with a little howl that sounded exactly like the pump alarm. He repeated his little howl until Mike went upstairs. Isn't that crazy?

So I choose to believe that little Bigs was watching our for Jude, and was letting Mike know there was a problem. Bigs wanted the problem taken care of, and now Bigs sees Jude as a part of our family. In fact, I noticed Bigs walked around Jude last night whenever I got home so he could get to my lap.

Good dog Bigs, good dog!

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Gilda said...

Aww, how sweet he is a good dog to watch over Jude like that.