Sunday, November 7, 2010

It turned out to be a nice weekend

I appreciate the comments left after my huge flub up, they made me feel a bit better. Friday night I got a huge surprise in the mail. Scentsy (my part time job) held a sales contest for four months, and I worked TAIL OFF to try to get Jude an Ipad. Unfortunately, I did not achieve the level I needed to to get him his Ipad, but I did reach the level for a new coach purse for mommy! I was sad I didn't get him the Ipad, but I know we will get it in the future.  The contest ended in August, and I have been waiting by my mailbox like a kid waiting on a letter from Santa Claus. Finally I received a shiny gift card to a shop I would never frequent. I loaded Emily in the car along with her cousin Faith. We drove into town to extinguish my guilt and sorrow with some retail therapy. The girls walked through the store with me looking at all the beautiful items. I have never believe in spending a small fortune on a purse, but this beautiful gem cost me........$22!

You have to laugh at Emily peeking through the handles. After our shopping adventure, and lunch, we came home to relax watching movies. Emily looked at me before she went to bed, and said "Mom, I had a good time today". It warmed my heart.

Sunday was just as good! My friend Fleck brought over Sex and the City 2. If you know me, I am a HUGE SITC fan. I have not seen the movie yet. We all agreed to wear our comfy clothes, fix fattening food, and just relax. I even put Jude in his superpower jammies, and he joined the girl party. Em had to watch Icarly downstairs, but she didn't seem to mind. Mike had gone to his friend Kevin's house, and it was just a nice chance to breathe. Jude was all smiles, and he had a great time with all the women. It was so wonderful to see my sister, because she has had such a hard time lately. She has "Pseudo Tumor Cerebri". I hope I spelled that correctly. You might look it up, it's no fun, and at a young age she will need a shunt in her brain. I try to see the positive side, and assure her that there is hope because they possibly have relief for the issue. It still sucks that she has to deal with this so young, and so early into a new marriage. She is a trooper!

Jude was so great this weekend. Tonight I wrote down everything pertaining to medication that I have for him. I also wrote down, every drop of food every and ounce of water. I realized that we do all make mistakes .... some forgivable, and sometimes in some eyes unforgivable. I realized that some words hurt more than being beaten with a whip, but then realized I learned that lesson when I was very young. I realized I am a really good mom, but I have flaws, and scars that mark the map that makes up who I am.  My life has been filled with many challenges, and I am not sure why.  Maybe in the end something grand will be waiting, but maybe it will just be the fact.......I made it through that is the most rewarding thing of all.

Jude is now sleeping quietly, and is so very adorable.


Anonymous said...

I feel that Mike's anger towards you is unfair.... I think, if anything, it was just fear of something happening to Jude. It is TOO EASY to mess up medication. I've done it with my own medication, and I was the one who heard what the doctor said! It's a great idea to write down Jude's medications. Maybe make extra copies of it and keep it in your kitchen cabinet, one for both of your wallets, and so on.

Congrats on the Coach bag! Glad to hear Emily had a good time with you today :]

Gilda said...

So glad to hear about your weekend and love the part of Jude joining in the pj night. And congrats on the purse sorry you didn't get the prize you were really going for but you deserve the purse! Just for being a great mom. Don't be so hard on yourself for the med incident. I know it's easier said then done right? It's your baby your talking about, but your wonderful with Jude and never would hurt him.

jocalyn said...

i love the bag! i'm a coach junkie...i admit it!