Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jude updates, and an inspiring story

I have been extremely busy at work, and with Scentsy. It's the holidays so everyone is calling regarding placing orders in time to receive them as gifts. So therefore, it's not leaving much time for a thought provoking blog. We also have the Christmas Emily's Smile Boxes making party this Sunday. I am not as organized with it this time as I normally am, but I have had less funds to work with. Normally I am able to sort all the individual items into plastic bins, but not this time. We are still looking at a great turn out, and all the hospitals are ready for the actual drop off.

So last night when I got home Mike was in the floor working with Jude, and it was very cute. He had Jude's toy in front of him, and was encouraging Jude to reach and touch the buttons to make the music play. Jude was trying so hard to keep his head up, and would accomplish this for a minute or so before it dropped. This is great improvement. Jude also turned his head while it was lifted to see me when he heard my voice. He also tracked his stuffed dog scout from one side to the other when Mike moved him. This is all advancement and is encouraging. We know Jude will never be able to communicate the way we can, or walk to way we can, but we are trying our best to get him to be the BEST he can be.

As I was typing this blog my friend Steve sent me a link to a video, I am now sitting at work in tears, but they are warm heart tears. He said he knew I would appreciate the story, and he was so right. I get it. I love the mother in this film, saying "this is my son!". He is a little hero who knew his sickness was terminal, but he didn't let life get him down. She helped her son be the best he could be, just like I mentioned about Jude above. I know some people won't want to watch because it's sad, but I figure if his family can endure the pain than I can for a few minutes, to express my gratitude for someone so amazing! What a little inspiration. I encourage you to click on the link.

Tomorrow I will blog on the royal wedding that's coming up. I was a huge fan of Princess Diana, but I feel like the above video should be the end to today's blog.

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