Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trusts, and care

I have been to busy to blog today, and this is going to have to be quick. Work is hectic, and I have been trying to figure out our estate planning, if God forbid something should happen to Mike, and I. I have items in place, but I now have to change some of it. My poor sister is very ill, and if something should happen to us she would be unable to take Jude. Even if she could, I would not want to add to her stress level, we found out she will need a shunt in the next few weeks. My heart just bleeds for her. Lifting Jude, caring for him, and more can be a full time job. It's a difficult decision wondering who to ask to care for your special needs and special son if the unexpected happens, and it's a stressful decision. I am now leaving enough life insurance to make sure he is well care for, the house paid, and nursing care is always around. Now we just have to figure out all the rest, set up the trusts, and more. My head may explode today!! I do have a great attorney friend who offered to do the trusts at minimal cost. He is also issuing our will, and setting up a trust for Emily too. Again, my head may explode.

So here are some pictures of therapy today.


Jennifer said...

Look at Jude's double chin! I love it!

jocalyn said...

i know it is very stressful...but so so so important for our kids since MDCP gives Medicaid based on the child's income. he can't have anything in his name!

if your lawyer friend can't do it quickly, i'm happy to give you the information for the guy we used. he set up our will and special needs trust for around $500. he works with mhmr of tarrant county pro-bono, so he has a big heart for this kind of stuff.

you'll feel so much better once the trust is in place. you can figure out who will take care of jude and add that part in later.

i cant believe he is 36 pounds!! kendall's only 25!