Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes kids just touch you deeply

Today was a good day for Emily. Last night she tried out for the UIL one act play at her school, which will be "Alice In Wonderland". Emily had practiced at home every night prior to the try outs, and she tried her hardest. She found out today, that she received..........the role of Alice! She was thrilled, and also a bit timid about the amount of work ahead of her. She also received "Sister of the year" from the national association of pediatric nursing, what an amazing honor. She also put together a collage for the Slant 45 project Daryl Johnston started. So she had a very busy day. Although, once she got home.......she forgot her key and had to knock on the door thus waking up Jude. She then argued about her homework with Mike, and had a nose bleed that lasted what seemed an eternity. She texted me that her best day had turned into her worst day. My heart went out to her, but I also knew I had to stand my "mommy ground" and make sure she followed the right path.

When I got home I made sure she was fed, her homework was done, and I sent her to her room about a bazillion times to make sure her laundry was done appropriately. I knew she exasperated with me, but she still finished in time to spend some time with me watching a movie. I then stopped the movie... I bent down to attach Jude's feeding tube, and while looking down Emily slipped a letter under my nose. I was surprised........and stopped to read it.....and ended with tears.

"Dear Mom,

Thank you! Thank you for the clothes, food, and everything else you give me even the stuff I don't need. Thank you for taking me to practices, and tutorials! I love you so much, and I care about you. I wish one day I could do the same for you what you have done for me. Since yesterday's assembly at school I have thought about how to tell you this, and I thought about a letter. I really want you to know that I love you a lot, and I hope you never leave.  I would miss you so much, but I know you wouldn't go anywhere. I just wanted to let you know that I would miss you so much that my soul would probably be dead ...without actually being dead, love you, Emily"

Then she put a heart with Mommy and Emily in it, and then put "sorry about the misspells".

I was very touched, it was so sweet. I shed many tears.


Judi said...

What a precious girl you have..... good job Mama!

Anonymous said...

Em is a special person, one who knows that at times everyone needs what my hubby calls an 'attaboy'. You have been there for Em everyday since birth hence the great young lady she has become, congrats on th attaboy!!!

The Henrys said...

What an amazing young lady you have. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. I love Diana too!