Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A smiley Jude, and a broken finger

Jude was so adorable when I got home last night. I kept talking to him, and he would coo back at me. I swear he was trying to say "mom". He did seem to start running a low grade fever, and was a bit congested in his chest. I again think this could be issues from the teeth, so we are keeping a watch on him.

He was such a big boy in his tomato seat last night as I wheeled him around the house. He went with me to take a bath, and then on to clean up the kitchen. He finally got mad at me, and wanted to be back on his tummy again. I am unsure why he loves his tummy so much, but he would stay there all day if we would let him.

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, but Jude has few things. I have paid to decorate his new room over the past month so I am going to count that towards his Christmas gifts. However, I do still get sad that Jude cannot run to the tree on Christmas morning, or even seem to understand what is going on. Well he may understand, but he cannot express it, and I wish he could. I still grieve for the little boy I wished we had given birth to, while still being very grateful for the little boy we had. Does that make sense?

So Mike did indeed break his finger. They took X rays, and said it's possible he might need pins in his finger in the future. Really?? I guess I need Smile Boxes event insurance. I cannot believe that he actually broke it. Poor guy!

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