Monday, November 1, 2010

A recap of Halloween

Well this will mostly be a blog filled with a lot of pictures. This weekend we went to a Halloween party, and got to hang out with some friends we hadn't seen in a very long time. I told you guys that I had a costume, and drum rolllllllll.............I was Sookie from True Blood. I cracked up when I saw the Merlotte's waitress outfit, and since I loved the show I had to get it. Mike's costume was really funny. Last minute he decided to be a Tony Romo Zombie to represent the end of the Cowboys season.

The night was fun, but I caught myself being one of those girls that feels fat and frumpy. I hate those girls, but I will raise my hand.......I was one of them. My husband always reassures me I look great, but you know that old nagging feeling you have when you aren't in the shape you want to be in. So I saw a few old friends. I have a wonderful friend Derek who recently went through a divorce, and I convinced him to come out for awhile. He said he didn't have a costume, so he was labeled Sookie's brother Jason Stackhouse (If you don't know the show then after you see the picture below, look him up, you will understand why we gave him this title.) Derek's sister is a teacher, and is doing amazing fundraising for Emily's Smile Boxes.

I also got to hang out with my old high school buddy Scotty. Now let me tell you about two people getting into trouble together, holy moly it was us! If I wasn't with my best friend Ginger, I was with Scott, or vice versa. He was always so much fun.

I loved seeing my old friends, and hanging out for a bit. We were home promptly at 11, and Jude's nurse Allen knew we had a good time.

Sunday we started getting ready for the fundraising haunted cemetery, and then ended up having a great turn out. I had purchased 150 suckers to give out with promotional advertisements on them. I gave one to each child. I went through all 150, and then 3 bags of candy. So you can only imagine how many kids we had! We raised about $100. I wish it had been more, but at least we got a lot of marketing out there. We also established we will hold this event every year. We are going to have the yard grow, and more people will stop by. My cousin came, and sat with me while our kids went and trick or treated. I was so glad she was there, because Jude got upset a few times. I would have to take him inside, and she would stay outside to pass out the candy. Jude liked his Halloween costume, in fact, so much that he fell asleep after we put it on him. I think he was so snugly warm, and my cousins husband was patiently rocking him in his wheelchair so Jude just zonked out.

It was a good weekend. We did not take Jude trick or treating. Honestly, he cannot eat the candy, and I needed to watch the house. So he slept, and then looked around for a bit. Plus, this was Emily's first year of going "with her friends", so I just didn't have the energy to deal with the emotions of it all.

This morning about 4:45 Jude's feeding tube alarm went off, and woke us up. As I was prying my eyelids open I realized I had only put 75mls of water in his bag vs 150mls. After each feed during the day he gets 75, but at night he gets the 150. Sigh! So it was my fault, and of course.......Jude woke up. So I got to get up and down, up and down, until he finally went back to sleep about 6:56. At one point I lifted Jude up to reposition him, and I felt a pop in my back.....not good. Thanks to this doozy of an accident I have a horrible back.

So I have been hobbling around all day, and I am still hurting. Oh well! I told Mike I was invading his man cave tonight, and taking over the couch. Everyone will have to fend for themselves on food.


sarah said...

lol...I think most moms have body issues. When I read about yours, my personal theme song popped into my head--Hot Mama by Trace Adkins.

I can sympathize with your back issues. I was in a fairly bad car accident at 18, and pulled a muscle in my back badly. I have had back issues ever since. Back in May I pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder and began seeing a chiropractor to treat it. My back has been improving ever since, and I love my every other week visits.

Midwest Mommy said...

Ouch! Hope your back feels better soon. You all look great in your costumes!!!

Kim C. said...

Love your costumes,you look so cute together, having fun. Mike's costume is so funny. Who ever did his make-up did a great job, very zombie-like.