Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well after being soooooo busy at work today is ......well dead. I am finishing up all my paperwork, mailing letters, and making calls. You can tell that people are officially on vacation for the holiday.

So another royal wedding? If you know me, you know I am SO excited! Let me mother passed away in July of 1980. There were a lot of changes in my life over that next year. My father got remarried, and things were just .......different. I was only 7 years old when my mom died, and when all these changes took place, so I was a bit out of sorts. So imagine being a young girl going through a hard time, and hearing that a pretty young lady was going to become a princess. Almost exactly a year after my mom died, Diana got married on national TV.  This wasn't your Disney fairytale show, this was a real live person walking down the red carpet at St Pauls Cathedral to become "Hey Royal Highness Princess Diana". Wow, I was mesmerized by the whole event, and watched every minute of the wedding. Of course we now know, and understand that this was indeed no fairytale life that she led. My husband was laughing at my last night watching the Dateline show regarding the royal Engagement of Kate to William. He said "You just want to be a princess". I said "No, I really don't. I cannot imagine not being able to walk into a mall....or a store.......or just run into a restaurant, without being hounded". I like my quiet life, but I do admire the humanitarian work Diana completed before her tragic demise. She opened doors to AIDS patients, and created understanding around the world that AIDS is not spread by touch.  She also touched the hands of lepers when most people wouldn't dare complete that task. She created awareness of hidden mines, and the destruction they cause. She also inspired so many children to explore the benefits of the community of fine arts, and dance.

She was someone I admired. Regardless of her emotional instabilities she was an inspiring determined hero to many. I was shocked when she was killed, and very saddened. I was visiting in a remote area of Louisiana, and when we got back into cell range I had 16 messages from friends, and family. They all knew I would be so upset. My lineage is from England, and someday I hope to visit. I would like to see where my ancestors were from, and I am also a huge history buff. So yes, I will be tuning in to see her son wed the woman he loves. Praises to him for picking someone that he truly cares for, maybe his marriage won't suffer the same fate Diana's did from a lack of love.


Anonymous said...

I am completely obsessed with Diana, too! (I watched the special last night as well.)
I studied abroad in the year 2000 and lived in The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. We would frequently walk to Kensington Palace and eat at Diana's favorite Pizzaria.
The world lost an icon and humanitarian in 97. I believe her spirit lives on with her boys. And, I'm so proud of Wills for choosing such a poised woman for his wife!

Love, Amy Hendrix

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Royal Family too!!! In Grand Rapids, MI there is a display about Princess Diana until February. Her actual wedding dress and so many other things are on display at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. My sister and I are planning a trip to see the legacy that she left behind!