Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well I hurt my back last night lifting Jude's car seat out of the car. So I am rather miserable today, and trying to get myself better. My friend Kel is having a party today at her house, and I am trying to get myself in check to go.

Jude has done pretty well this weekend although he is still waking up at about 4am to eat. I am sure the reason why he is waking up early is because he still won't take baby food. He used to eat baby food and formula just fine, but then suddenly he stopped eating the solid food. We put rice in each bottle so I am pretty sure he is getting enough calories. Jude has been attempting to hold his head up a lot more, and is looking at us in our eyes for a few moments at a time. I started thinking today that Jude's first birthday will be coming up soon. I cannot believe we are rounding a bend to a year since he was born. We will have a celebration of his life, and I am sure Elmo will have to be involved somehow. Jude loves his Elmo doll, and it's the only toy he reacts to. A celebration of his first year is something I think he deserves!! It's been a year of Jude being questioned on his determination. We still have a few months to go, but it's definatley surreal thinking about his birthday.

I have lots of pictures to post from this weekend, and I will put a longer update tomorrow. I am currently watching Jude, and Emily together on the couch. It warms my heart how much she loves him. I know if something ever happened to me she would make sure Jude still had so much love.

Have a good Sunday!

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