Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Sleepless nights

Wow, I haven't been this busy at work in awhile. I am taking a break for a moment, and writing so I can relax for a second.

So this weekend I got to spend a lot of time with my kiddo's and I really enjoyed it. On Saturday I put Jude in his crib to sleep for a nap. Suddenly, the baby monitor started "peep, moo, peep peep, oink," then I heard "Mom Jude is up!". I walked in and this is what I saw:
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Jude's moves were a bit spastic, and uncoordinated, but he did in fact hit the button every time. It's amazing how excited I can get over a simple movement that all of us do everyday without an extra thought. This experience with Jude constantly reminds me how much we as individuals take for granted. I count my blessings everyday, and count Jude's too as he learns more and more.
Later that night Emily was watching Jude while I took a bath. I walked in to find the watching TV together in my bed which was pretty cute.
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She just adores him.

Last night Emily met with the select softball team she was trying out for. I think she was a bit nervous because she didn't walk a whole lot on the way there. Once she met the coaches she ran on to the field to practice with all the new girls. Overall she did well, but she is lacking in skills compared to the other girls. Mike was optimistic, and pointed several things out to me. He said #1. she is younger than the other girls, #2 she consistently stopped the balls even if she didn't catch them which means a lot to a coach, #3. when batting she hit every ball, #4 these practice drills are new to her and she kept up the entire time, #5. they are playing with a larger ball and she still did well. They asked her to come back, and practice with them again Thursday. Even if she doesn't make the team this will be great for building her skill level. Also, Mike pointed out I am a mom and always worried about my little one. I cannot help it.........those fast balls scare me!

Jude handled the try outs very well. He sat and laughed every time the wind would hit his face. I tried to catch his smile on camera, but of course he wouldn't cooperate.
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By the way, the above adorable baby went to bed at 1am last night, and slept until 4am.........argh.


Leprakans said...

This is my first visit to your site. Your baby is so adorable! I really enjoyed your post!!!

Bird said...

Besides the movement aspect, there's the fact that Jude is learning cause and effect--hit the mat, hear a noise. Charlie has that same mat and it was the first toy he was able to play with. He couldn't hit it with his arms, though; we taught him to kick it.

~Amy said...

LOVE the pics! Way to go JUDE! I love those "spread eagle" legs! TOO cute! Em is such a great big sister too...and GOOD LUCK to her making the team! I know she will do it!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I love that picture of them laying in bed together. That is awesome that he was pushing the buttons...awesome!

Anonymous said...

LOTS of good stuff in this post! Smiling at your lovely and loving children! Barbara