Thursday, June 25, 2009

My icons are leaving...........

Like the rest of the world I sit here in shock watching the details of Michael Jacksons death with great interest. I was already mournful for the loss of Farrah Fawcett today, although I was thankful she was no longer in pain. It seems this week has been full of losing staple television figures from my childhood. When that happens we have a habit of questioning our own mortality. It's strange how we feel attached to these figures we grew up with in the media, yet we have never personally met them. So now here I am watching with the greatest sympathy the death of possibly the greatest musical figure to hit the pop scene.

I knew every word, and every move to thriller when I was a child. I was in awe of the moon walk, the glittery gloves, and his impressive "never land". Therefore, I was broken hearted when I heard Michael Jackson had been accused of sexual abuse because I have a personal interest regarding that issue, and it made me angry! Half of me felt like if a child said that happened then it had to be true, and the other part of me listened to the jury that he indeed was innocent. I remember Geraldo Rivera promising to shave his mustache if he was convicted because he was 100% sure Michael was innocent. Regradless of his roller coaster past Michael was indeed an icon many of us followed. We dressed like him, learned his dance moves, and followed his music with great interest. Regardless of what we guessed was true, and what we didn't in his spotty past the fact remains he was an incredible artist.

So how does this all apply to Jude? Let me explain. This afternoon Jude had a doctor check up, and luckily got a clean bill of health (for the most part). While in the doctors office the pediatrician referenced today's Star Telegram article, and mentioned how one of the practitioners in the office also had a child affected by a inter uterine stroke. Why? Because strokes happen and to random people with no known cause. No one "chooses" you for this journey it's just random chaos that can happen to the rich, poor, or famous. Heart issues also have no personal selection of people, it's just random, and this time Mr. Jackson was chosen. Granted Michael may have contributed to his death, but still the fact remains we should be thankful for our lives each day. Death, and disability could care less if you are the King of pop, the Princess of Wales, or your average citizen, for in the end we are all fragile. So it is up to us to remember that our lives can end in a second, and due to this it's up to us to make sure our lives reflect the legacy we want to leave. Jude already has an amazing legacy, and I only hope to leave the same.

So regardless of anyone's opinions on Michael I would like to leave a lyric to one of his songs that inspired me to be a good person.

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
and no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and make a change"

I have honestly listened to that lyric with tears. We all have the ability to make a difference in the world. Michael Jackson made a difference in the world because he was a true musical genius.

Now, no more of my childhood icons are allowed to pass away. Ed, Farrah, and Michael is enough.

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