Saturday, June 27, 2009


Jude only ate about two ounces last night before he went to bed..........and he is still sleeping at 9:15 am. I can't lie, I did enjoy getting some extra sleep, although my husband accidentally punched me in the nose in the middle of the night...ouch. I am still concerned though, and I am keeping a close watch on Jude. He isn't lacking in "food", it's the concern that Jude can dehydrate very quickly. His diapers are still wet, but barely wet.

The question was asked if we might have to switch Jude from Depakene to another seizure medication. That option was mentioned yesterday, and they plan to discuss that with us when our doctor gets back in town. I will be honest, and tell you that option really scares me. Jude's seizures were so violent prior to the Depakene, that these small seizures are so much more tolerable. I do understand that no spasms is acceptable though. I just really don't want to see Jude going through painful violent seizures again while we search for yet another medication. I know that some children have to be on a cocktail of medication, and I guess that could be the case for Jude. I am unsure if you can mix Depakene with another seizure med, but that's what happened before. Jude had pheno, and topamax, although they did nothing for him at all. They honestly didn't phase the seizures. We have said over, and over that the seizures seem like a demon that is trapped for awhile, but gathers strength to resurface and test our strength.

Mike had a roof to complete this morning, and Emily is at her cousins, so I am hanging out by myself waiting on Jude to wake up. It's nice to have a bit of quiet time. I am researching things to do on our staycation next week. I will be taking off work Wednesday thru Friday with my family. We cannot really go away this year, so we are going to have a good time in the metroplex.

Last night Mike had Jude laying in the bed, and was playing him music from his phone singing to him. If you remember, I played Jude music while he was in utero all the time trying to stimulate brain activity. Jude was smiling, and coo'ing to Mike, and it was so cute. I will post the video on Monday.

Thank you for your thoughts, and prayers for Jude.

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Midwest Mommy said...

Enjoy the quiet time while you have it. Hopefully he does better today with drinking.