Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy ~ quick update

I am so busy at work today that I thought I would share a few pics with you. I will blog more tomorrow, but just a quick update that everyone is doing ok. Jude is fighting a bit of a cold I think. His cheeks are rather flush, but he is still in a good mood. We still plan on getting him checked out by his pediatrician very soon. It's time for his nine month well baby check anyway, and we will find out if he does indeed have a bit of a cold.

Also, just a quick note that a teacher on twitter donated $250 to Emily's Smile Boxes, which is wonderful!!!!!! Her little non profit company is really taking off, and Em cannot wait to now expand to include the Ronald McDonald house (they are our July goal).

So without further delay here are some pictures:

Emily camping with her dad. She is saying "You want me to climb THAT?"
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Emily after her big climb.......a bit tired
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Jude laughing at me last night when I got home (see he had a rosey cheek)
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Jude this morning when I left for work.........after he had gotten up very early.....AGAIN (arms up means he is sounnnnnnnnd asleep!)
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~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I have been waiting for an update lol. I love LOVE the pictures!! They look great! I am sure Emily was tired!! Jude is so cute!! Tell Emily when I hit the jackpot (or get a better job) I will be sending her something for her boxes!!!

Cjengo said...

I know girl, it's been crazy busy at work today!! whew! No time to blog..what's up with that?? Thanks for the comment