Monday, June 22, 2009

It's the weekend update with Jenn!

It was an eventful, but relaxing weekend. Friday night Mike, and I just hung out together at home watching, "He is just not that into you". The whole time I sat there with a scowl on my face with Mike saying, "but babe that's NOT me!!" Then he would laugh, and tell me that's how all guys are. We had a good time together commenting on relationships, and the movie was pretty entertaining.

Saturday we had grand plans of going out on the town, and getting a sitter for Jude. Since Emily was camping with her dad we would only need a sitter for the baby. I am afraid as the afternoon passed on, our grand plans grew more distant. We took Jude with us to eat a nice lunch out, and then we headed to my cousins house. My cousin Candace was in town watching Sarah's kids while they were on a work related vacation. They decided to get out of the house for a bit so they picked up some chicken, and came to our house. Jude received so much attention that night that he probably felt like he was a celebrity. All the girls were playing with him getting him to smile, and coo at them. His therapist had brought him a fan that has gold tassels hanging from it so when it turned it would catch Jude's vision. With this fan was a giant red button that Jude could hit to get it to turn off and on. The girls tried to help him with this project, but Jude showed them he knew where his button was. He kept hitting it over, and over smiling. I was very proud of him! I believe everyone had a good time, and it was great to spend time with my family that lives so far away.

Sunday was fathers day, and we woke up bright and early that morning. I made Mike some muffins, turkey bacon, cheese, and strawberries, and nicely arranged it on a plate. We then went outside to eat on the patio, and enjoy the nice morning air. Jude wasn't up yet, so we just took the baby monitor with us. We finally heard Jude stirring in his bassinet, so we headed inside to see what he was up to. I peered into his crib only to receive a huge grin with Jude's two tiny teeth showing. He was ready to start the day! We invited my dad, and family over so I cooked most of the day for ready for everyone. It was a nice day of being with family, and I was thrilled when Em finally made it home to share in the festivities.

So I am really pleased that Jude is hitting his red button so often to make his fan go. You can still see the CP in his hands, but even those his fists are balled up he has little trouble with the button. We are still working on getting him splints to teach him to keep his hands open, and ECI comes today. Jude is still having about 10 spasms throughout the day, but they last bo longer than a second. That is a huge difference from the 20-30min cluster seizures he would have prior to the Depakene. What a difference the Depakene has made in Jude's life, and our lives!

Emily's Smile Boxes is officially a non profit company. I just now have to file the non profit information with the IRS so everyone can write off their donations. So we have to save up a little money. Please if you know of someone that would be interested in donating to her cause have them visit

Last night Mike and I topped off our weekend with catching up on episodes of, "Fourth and Long" with Michael Irvin. We TIVO the show so we can watch it when we have time. Many people have celebrities they wish to meet. With Mike, and I it's just football players that we would love to meet, and hang out with. Our dream would be to go to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, and see a game!! We have been lucky enough to meet Michael, and a few others players, and because of this (it was because of a friend of mine) Mike says he will marry me three times over. So to say the least, we LOVVVVVE, Fourth and Long. Last night was particularly thrilling. It seems there were two players that were called into the board room to possibly be cut. Michael took them to the field, and explained that they would be playing each other to see who went home. The wide receiver had to make touch downs, and the defensive back had to keep the WR out of the end zone. They were neck to neck the entire time, and I almost cried for the guy that lost. When the wide receiver hit the ground with the tackling force of the defensive back, his face just immediatley looked crushed. His little heart was broken, and I felt bad for him. I guess that's the way the game works though. I sat there last night watching the plays, the steps, and the movements. I explained to Mike that as much as I love football I never realized how incredibly technical it all is. A person needs intelligence to remember hundreds of plays, balance, rythym, and strength. Anyway, we had a good time, and I highly recommend the show.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
I am so amazed and excited about all of Jude's progress. He is showing great ambition. I wish my 9-year old step son was as eager to try new things!!! ;-)

Keep it up, Jude!!!

Hugs & kisses from Parker & Amy Hendrix