Thursday, June 25, 2009

A sleep baby

So I went home yesterday to work on my bosses cake some more, and then Emily had select team try outs at 8pm. She did okay, but it seems she gets a bit nervous when trying out, and doesn't work up to her ability. It's almost like taking a test in school when you know the answers, but freeze and cannot remember them. Emily is moving from rec to select, so I hope a coach can see her potential skills, and accept her on the team so she can learn more. We have heard over and over that if we leave her in rec she will get "lazy" vs playing up to her skill level. After try outs we went home, and I worked until about midnight on the cake. Sooooooooo here it is............. what do you think?
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It's suppose to be a baseball field, with grass, dirt, and the baseballs.......yeah's my first attempt at working with fondant. I know it looks like a baseball jungle, but I tried. So it's my bosses big FIVE O so if you are one of our insureds, you might ring, and say Happy Birthday!

Prior to decorating the cake my husband got busted:
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Actually, he and my daughter were just messing around while I was out of the room, but it was still rather comical.

Since we have been so busy I felt like I have barely seen Jude. I miss him, and promised him I was coming home to just hold him tonight. One of his favorite things is to be in my arms on the couch. He just stares at me, and smiles, which in turn makes me very happy. When I got home last night I noticed his cheeks were very flushed again, and he was drooling a lot. I gave him a small dropper of Tylenol, and guess what? He slept through the entire I am 100% convinced it's his teeth that are responsible for his sleepless, and my sleepless nights.

If you get a chance please read the article about Jude in the Fort Worth Star Telegram written by Jan Jarvis. I asked the writer to focus more on stroke awareness, and she did a fabulous job!!! Although, the photographer, and I need to have a chat because that angle of me makes me look about 100 pounds more than I weigh. Anyway, please let me know what you think about it. I read the article today with tears thinking about what a journey the past year and a half have been. I am proud to say a journey I have taken while holding my husband, and daughters hands for support, and lending support. I only hope we can continue down the paths to come with courage, humility, and love.


Midwest Mommy said...

Did he really sample your cake? I would have killed him, lol.

So glad you both finally got some sleep last night.

mom2nji said...

Thats fantastic!!

Ellen said...

It is so great that you did this article, it will surely raise a lot of people's awareness about pediatric stroke. Good going, Jenn.

And, you do NOT look horrible in that photo!