Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Update

Once we got to Dallas Medical City they were immediately on Jude's case. They began to suspect the Pancreas with the slow working bowels. They started up medication for seizures and for the situation at hand. They then wanted to try slow feeds that increased over the house, but Jude started vomiting again. He then began running a fever at 100.4 so they gave Motrin. The rested his stomach and then tried again. He began throwing up again this morning so they cut the feeds all together. His lipase went down again today. When the regular doctor came in she told my cousin she feels it may just be his body not catching up to the levels yet. The GI said he shouldn't be throwing up if the pancreas is showing better levels. So hmmmmm. The good news is Jude is very smiley.

So for those in the medical field. Feel free to give your opinions.  

Lipase went down from 700 to 400 now 233
Liver panel is normal
Two prior X rays showed normal bowels
Sonogram (again prior) showed normal pancreas and liver.
Scans have not been repeated since Saturday
Jude is receiving IV fluids with potassium.
No food since Thursday 7/3 and all that was voided.
Stats mostly look good with pulse Ox dropping when turned to the left side but not enough to warrant oxygen
irregular heartbeat at times.
Only medication that's new is the Baclofen but remember the trial went perfect.

They are running another chest X ray and I am waiting on the doctor to call and speak to me directly. I can hope that what the hospitalist is saying is accurate that this is just his body catching up, but something is making me think otherwise. Again, good news is Jude is smiling and happy.

I had to come to work and I hate being away from him. I am also getting a lot of Im's and texts so I am trying to return them all.


Micernice said...

I'm a nurse at a children's hospital here in Canada, and used to work on the surgical unit where we did lots of baclofen trials and pump insertions for kids with CP. Just wanted to say that it isn't unusual up here for our kiddos to get a post-operative paralytic ileus - especially if the pump is running already (baclofen relaxes all the muscles, including the bowel muscles!). I don't know why, but kids with CP seem especially prone to this post-op... Anyways, we give them bowel rest, TPN for nutrition, minimize opioids like morphine (we try to use other meds for pain control as much as possible) and try to mobilize as much as we can to get the bowels moving again.
All this being said, I obviously don't know Jude, and you are his best advocate, so if your gut is saying that something else is up - you should follow your gut!! Hope he gets better quick :o)

Cjengo said...

Good to know Elissa! Thank you very much. I have really thought from the start it was something with his bowels. I really appreciate your feedback.