Saturday, July 12, 2014

We are HOME!

The doctor came in this morning and said if Jude tolerated his medicines through G button today she was okay with him going home tomorrow. I said "Thank goodness". Then she came back in and said "You have nurses correct?". I explained that we do and she then said she would allow Jude to go home today. I felt so much better and I admit a little scared. Jude looks so much better but his incision is a bit intimidating, his bowels aren't 100%, and his stats are a little off. However, I know he will heal so much better at home and they know that too. We don't have a night nurse yet, but they are working to get one for the next week.

It took HOURS to get us discharged. We finally rolled into home about 5:30 and Jude had the biggest smile when we brought him into his room. His amazing nurse Charlotte rushed over and stayed with Jude for several hours. She made sure he looked good, checked his vitals, measured his incisions, and read over all the discharge paperwork.

I just gave Jude all his medications by G button and he has a continous feed going. I am sitting here blogging and tend to throw my lap top down and run if I hear anything that sounds like he may be retching.

I have to admit I was scared this hospital stay. Jude was a pretty sick little fella but in Jude style he turned around quickly. Hopefully we can keep him moving in the right direction here at home. I plan to sleep in my bed tonight, snuggle next to my husband, and enjoy our kissing on Jude. Emily is with her dad but she will be back tomorrow and then we will all be together.

After Jude got home and Charlotte was here we had to go get his prescriptions filled which was a chore in itself. Every pharmacy was either closed or didn't have all the medications we needed. Finally Mike turned around to me and said, "You know that saying about not waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain? We are some dancing in the rain M F'ers". I had to laugh. You have to have humor!

Thanks to everyone who has prayed, texted, emailed, and put up with all my Facebook posts. It truly means the world you care so much for my son!

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