Monday, July 7, 2014

A quick Monday update

Mike gave me a quick update. They did a sonogram on Jude's liver, pancreas, and gallbladder and everything was FINE! Finally a GOOD step in the right direction. Per the doctor he believes Jude is over the hump.......I hope he is right! So the plan is to test Jude's Lipase again tomorrow if it's elevated again then we are now going to assume it's a seizure medication. That could mean we go to Dallas via a transport to find out what his neurologist wants to do.

If it's not then we start feeding him. If he tolerates the feeds we are asking to take him home ASAP! We will have our nurses there who are very familiar with Jude and he will be watched carefully. We are also going to request a night nurse until we get him through this. I have said before that they can release Jude when he is very ill into our care. They wouldn't normally release someone in his condition, but they know the care we can provide. There are a lot of bugs and germs in hospitals that Jude doesn't want! We don't want to complicate this any further. Having him at home is a bit like being in the PICU with someone constantly watching him.

I kinda had a meltdown today. I feel like for the first time in six years I just cannot handle anymore stress. I am seriously going to have to start eliminating items from the list. I don't want to feel like a quitter, but my body is telling me to stop. So I am going to seriously take into consideration what needs to be eliminated and prioritize my life. I know that reads cryptic but I am not exactly sure what steps I am taking yet so I cannot elaborate except to say it's time to de-stress.

Also, this has definitely reminded me that there are certain things in life that are important and there are things that need to be let go. Let go of things that are troubling you because tomorrow may not be there.

Hopes and wishes Jude is on the mend. I am ready to blow that popsicle stand!

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