Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well I am currently sitting in my office crying. It seems the golfball lump on Jude's back may be something serious. I was really hoping it wasn't. Maybe just a collection of fluid? I am still holding out hope.

The neurosurgeon is waiting on the pictures I took to come via email and then they are going to make a decision. They currently have Jude flat on his back at the house.

The nurse/doctor know I am frustrated and I can hear in their voices how concerned they are about us and Jude. They believe it's probably one of two things. Either a cerebral spinal fluid leak which will require a blood patch or the Baclofen is leaking and collecting in the spine. The later part is what sent me a bit over the edge.

I don't want Jude to go back through another surgery. I don't want to lose my job. I think we need some prayers that this is a Seroma. I am not sure how far after surgery those can form. We are 22 days post op now so the nurse sounded a little doubtful it was from the surgery itself.

Hoping and praying he calls back that this is not an issue. I will keep everyone updated.

Again...........I am thinking positive.........just fluid. Just fluid!

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