Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday update

Mike stayed last night so I just got to the hospital. Jude has been sleeping a lot but sleep is good to heal the body. He had another blood draw this morning and the enzyme level decreased, but they are still assuming it's pancreatitis we are dealing with. I talked to Jude's GI's office this morning and they were pretty much on the same page. He said that when surgery is done in children like Jude it can start a "domino" effect of issues. He said he also would believe this is pancreatitis started from the surgery and irritated by medications. Either that or it's a bowel issue like I discussed yesterday. Basically the only thing that helps is time and rest. Then you experiment with feeds and narrows it down to the exact issue and combination.  Jude has not thrown up which is great, but he doesn't have anything in him to throw up. So the big test will be when they feed him again. His stats seem to be really good except for the occasional irregular heart rate which they don't seem to be concerned about. 

Emily asked her dad to bring her home a day early so she is here today visiting Jude. She and Mike have been aggravating each other ever since she got here ( of course) but it's really good to hear laughter.

We are still waiting on Cook's GI specialists to come by and we will see if they have any new ideas.

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