Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Petition

I started a petition today to legalize CBD or cannabis oil in Texas. It will join the hundreds of other petitions I am sure. I want to be honest. I don't believe the oil will help Jude's seizures because they are the strongest and hardest seizures to fight. However, it cannot hurt to try it. In addition there are thousands of children in Texas that could benefit from this natural medication. Here is the link for the petition.

and here is the explanation I put on the petition

Cannabis oil has shown amazing promise in preventing and curing seizures in pediatric patients. With less than 3% THC the oil does not contain the properties marijuana has for inducing any altered state of mind. If Texas passes a bill then cannabidiol or CBD for short can be used in trials with Texas doctors to help our epileptic patients. Several neurologists in the area have been pushing for this to happen and back the oil being brought to TX.
There have been stories across the US of children benefiting from CBD such as Charlotte Figi in Colorado. Her mother posted the video "Charlotte's web" which obtained national attention. Charlotte would experience up to 300 seizures weekly, but after taken CBD twice a day with her food the seizures were all but eliminated.
My son has a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox Gestaut syndrome. He is currently on Depakene and Felbatol which both carry high risks of side effects. The Felbatol alone has shown to destroy the liver and can be fatal. The likelihood of CBD helping my son is minimal however as a parent I have met and watched so many other children that could benefit from it. Therefore, my husband and I vowed to help those children obtain CBD and hopefully help them live a fuller life.
Above is a video of my son suffering from Infantile spasms. It's not easy to watch but it's the reality of what these children deal with. This was shot prior to his seizures growing into a larger harder to control situation.  Infantile spasms are a neurological seizure disorder that can cause developmental delays and other issues. Infantile spasms are just one of the conditions CBD shows promise in treating. One of the current medications on the market to treat children with Infantile spasms carries a whopping $25,000 a day bill and has possible lethal side effects. We should have the option to try a less invasive medication for our children. Please consider following other states that are passing CBD!

I also listed a video of Jude's infantile spasms when he was little. So if you could stop by and sign then share with your friends/family on social media I would appreciate it. It literally takes seconds.

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