Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A quick update on Jude's progress

Jude seems to be healing very well! His incision sites look great and are healing nicely. He is sleeping much better and is tolerating his feeds better. We are still not running his food at full capacity, but he is getting there. He is also smiling a lot and he is really looking me in the eyes more. In addition the medication for his arms and legs seems to be working. I notice more movement in his arms than the bottom portion of his body, but at least it's progress. Do I think the pump was worth all this.......I am still undecided.

The rest of us are falling back into place as well and life has resumed as normal. However I am not completely out of vacation days at work and I really wanted to go somewhere with my husband. I am going to choose just to be thrilled that Jude is home with us. I love going home and scooping him up and holding him for hours while we watch TV together. I kiss him on his head every few minutes and he just smiles happily.

Jude goes in for his post surgical doctor appointments tomorrow. He will also check in with his pediatrician.

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