Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday afternoon update

So the doctor came in and jokingly said he heard we had a wonderful night. He actually ordered an entire battery of tests and they assured us they are very concerned. They said there is something going on for sure they just have to narrow down what it is. So here is the list.

1. They turned down the Baclofen coming from the pump
2. They gave him a bolus IV feed
3. They took bloodwork to run labs
4. They did a urine test
5. They did another chest X ray
6. They changed the anti nausea medication to Phenagren (sp?)

They then came back and said his white blood cell count is down, but no enough to warrant concern. Most his labs look great but one pancreatic test was a little high. So they paged GI and are going to have them do a consult. If it's pancreatitis then he will stay on IV fluids until he gets better.

Awhile after they turned down the pump I got a few smiles from Jude and I thought WHOA this might be it. It might be a simple fix. However he started vomiting through the Phenagren not long after this pictures.

As you can see he is pretty pale. They are going to watch his weight and supplement Iv's with nutrients if they need to. I am still holding out hope that turning down the Baclofen will be the solution. Simple and easy. We can hope right? If that's not the case I am not sure when we will be going home.

I was grateful to the doctors! I told them I felt like I was sitting in here alone wondering what was wrong and what the solution could be. They assured me they were watching him closely and again that they know there is a significant problem.

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