Friday, July 4, 2014

Post op Friday

I found out yesterday that the original thought process was to let Jude go home today. We can hope, but I don't think that is happening. He did well through the night until about 2:30am. His pulse ox dipped into the 80's and his heart rate sky rocketed to over 170. He also vomited a large amount of yellow fluid. The nurses are great about listening to us when there is an issue. I explained it was one of three things or a combination there of. He either is in pain, or he has an underlying fever we aren't catching, or he is straining to use the restroom. I only mentioned the fever because I noticed his back was burning up. Since he was positioned on his side and not under heavy blankets I wondered if Jude was being.....well Jude. He can mask a fever sometimes. Anyway, I requested they give him some pain medication so they gave him Motrin, but it didn't work. They also paged respiratory and gave Jude a breathing treatment. The therapist noted Jude's left lung now sounds coarse and diminished. That probably means a chest X ray today. Finally they brought out the prescription pain medication and after about a half hour it worked. Jude's stats went back to normal and he went back to sleep. During the night Jude had two bowel movements which is another step towards recovery and getting out of here.

They had taken Jude off his pain management course. Which I understand since they want him to tolerate the pain as much as he can on his own. However, without the pain medication in his body we wound up with the issue above. So this morning at 7:30 right when they noticed his heart rate going up they immediately gave the prescription pain meds. He is resting very comfortably now. I changed his diaper, repositioned him, and changed his sheets under him. He tolerated all of that very well. I have him on a continous feed right now of 45 an hour. He seems to be tolerating that very well. Mike tried to feed him faster yesterday, but they kept having issues with him throwing up. So I am going to start him slow today and try to work up to 85 and see how he does.

Jude did sit in his wheelchair yesterday for about 15 minutes. This was an accomplishment, but he did get sick several times after that. He has to get up and move so I am sure we will attempt it again today. Poor kid I hate to see him in pain. He is a little trooper and is doing all he can to heal as fast as he can.

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