Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The good and the bad

The bad news's spinal fluid. The good news is that they are comfortable letting him stay home for now to try to resolve this (yay). We got specific instructions.

1. Jude has to stay flat either on his side or his back, but flat.
2. Limit all activities
3. Any type of actual leaking from the site requires immediate transport.
4. a fever of 102 or higher requires us to take him in right away.
5. If the site gets larger we go in.

So we are all going to be very vigilant about this and hopefully get Jude healed at home. It's always a waiting game with him. I am very thankful they don't think this is a Baclofen leak!  Some prayers that we can get this handled without surgery or intervention would be wonderful.

Jude is going to see the neurologist tomorrow and he will double check the site to make sure he doesn't think it warrants anything else. He then has another follow up with the actual surgeon on the 15th.


Renga said...

Praying for you and your son. May God bless the little guy and your family

Katie said...

Hey Jenn, I had a csf leak when I had an epidural, they punctured something they shouldn't have. It gives you the most painful headache if you sit upright, I had to lay flat for 7 days in total. I had 2 blood patches, the second one worked it was instant relief!
I think Jude has done amazingly!
You and mike have done a great job taking care of him, he is so lucky to have 2 dedicated parents.