Friday, July 11, 2014

He looks like Jude again

Tonight is the first night that I have thought that Jude looks normal. He still has the neurological uncontrollable giggles and he is having some severe pain issues, but he just looks better! I also noticed the foul smelling odor has diminished. In addition the fever has vanished. I am not saying that Jude is well because he is still very ill, but I feel like I can breathe! Every time Jude gets so sick like this I hold my breath every second that he is not well. To me Jude is perfectly normal and just my little boy so I just want him well and with us at home.

Jude has been awake for 24 hours.........not even kidding. I asked the nurse how much he slept when I happened to catch a few winks last night and she confirmed....he didn't. He only calmed down and lay there quielty for about an hour.

They have turned Jude's feeds up and he has had his pain medication and a sedative for sleep. I think he will have an uneventful night. I hope we do and we can actually discuss a management plan for going home.

That's my prayer.

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