Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Is this normal??? UGH!!!!! Anyone had the Baclofen pump,

We are twenty days post op. Tonight I was getting Jude ready for bed and I turned him over to check his incision. Jude has been super happy but laughing a WHOLE lot and sleeping a bit more than normal. Since laughs can be an indication that Jude may be in a bit of pain I started to look him over. I discovered the incision on his back looks pretty swollen. I sent the picture of it to a very nice nurse friend of mine and she admitted it looks a bit concerning this far post op. We have a scheduled appointment on Thursday and I really think that will be okay. I gave Jude some Motrin to see if it decreases the swelling any. So I am wondering if this is normal, a spinal fluid leak, or an infection. If anyone has had a Baclofen pump I would appreciate opinion. We used our fingers to show the measurements.


I am not panicked. Jude does not have a fever, he seems happy, and he is resting comfortably. However, his heart rate is a bit high, it does seem swollen, he is sleeping more today, and it's a bit warm to touch. So I am basically looking for opinions prior to our office visit.

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