Friday, July 4, 2014

Post op Friday Follow Up. A very bad day!

Well I was going home for us. Holy hell of a day up here in hospital land. Jude is back on oxygen and back on an IV! The IV team said if this stick doesn't stay then they are submitting Jude for a Pick line. I have lost track of the Iv's he has blown and he has a new one in the side of his foot. He was dehydrated from getting so sick so they had to get some fluids into him. The dehydration was causing (or something was) Jude to have irregular heartbeats. Those have lessened with the fluid intake.

We tried feeding Jude again very very slowly and it didn't work. He vomited and vomited. It's just the most odd thing and everyone seems at a bit of a loss. Jude isn't himself, but he will look around and seem like he is a little with it. Then his pulse ox will drop, his heart rate will sky rocket, resp rates will drop, and he vomits and retches. The doctor ordered an X ray of Jude's lungs and it showed they were clear but he wasn't fully inflating the bottom lobes. This really isn't a large concern. Next they ordered an X ray of his bowels to make sure there is no obstruction and there wasn't. So we are back to the drawing board. They did mention there could be an issue with Jude's instestines just moving a lot slower than they should be. I would guess they would need a sonogram to see this and if there are still issues tomorrow I am sure there will be one done.

I turned off all of Jude's food. He hasn't had anything since about 11am. He is still retching when he is awake but he spends most his time asleep. He doesn't get anything up except bright yellow stomach bile and there isn't much of that left now either. Again, we are shaking our heads wondering what's up. Is this just a reaction to surgery or is there something underlying going on. The doctor mentioned not wanting to mask any issues Jude may be having so I know they are limiting certain medications.

A few hours ago I got a real scare. Mike had gone down to get food and the nurse was in another room. Jude was asleep but suddenly fluttered his eyes and coughed. Then drifted back off to sleep. Suddenly Jude's alarms started sounding. This isn't unusual and they don't really bother me anymore. Jude's stats have dropped since the surgery and everyone's rates go down when they sleep. I simply watch his stats and wait for them to go back within normal range. However, his respiratory rate kept dropping and kept dropping. We got to 10,9,8,7,6 all the way to 2. Nothing like a 2 on the respiratory scale to cause everyone to Jump and the nice nurse came scurrying in. Jude wasn't holding his breath and I was at a loss. We watched and Jude's rate started climbing back up. Then she checked and said they were ready in case something happened (Jude crashed). WHAT? You are READY? Um I am not and why didn't I know that was a concern? I guess it always is and they are generally always ready, but still. Insert big wide eyes! Currently Jude is holding about 93 on pulse ox and 15 on his resp rate. So he is within his normal range.

The good news is we are in a regular room. If Jude was at a true risk of having a serious issue I would think we would be in PICU. I am mostly just sitting here watching Jude sleep. Hoping he gets better. I know Jude can get better very quick! Literally can turn around within hours just like he turned around today for the worse. So I am holding out hope he will pull a Jude and we will be home Sunday.

Ps. Note: Jude's night nurse just came in and she is wonderful. A super sweet lady from Brazil who said she is very concerned about Jude. She said she talked to the charge nurse who told her that they had a patient similar to Jude that had the same issues after the Baclofen pump. I guess that's a little reassuring to hear. I told her that I was concerned about the respiratory issues and she said she was too. She assured me the doctor is just a phone call away and that she is keeping a close eye on him. She also said she heard some congestion in his right lung now and that she will keep a watch on it. However, she assured me his stats all look normal now and that we are hoping for a good night and a better tomorrow. We will keep her!

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