Monday, June 2, 2008

At home

Today is our big appointment with the perinatalist's office. We go at 3:45 and will have a re-scan of Jude. Jude seemed to be very quiet the last two days, but suddenly has started kicking and moving around. I even felt a little foot on the left side. That was excited, but of course when I called Mike to come feel he retreated further inside and wouldn't show his foot again. It never fails that he likes to play hide and go seek with his dad.

On another note I took the day off work today which I never do! If I have a doctor appointment or something else I normally just work through lunch and then go. I have done my best to preserve my sick time, etc. Today was the exception though!! My head feels like it may explode like a balloon when it's popped...owie! On top of having no energy, and just achy. I have had some more nausea and then girl issues related to pregnancy, but I really feel like I am dealing with just a bad case of sinus issues. I think a lot of people are dealing with them right now. So I am at home today mostly just laying in bed. My hubby must have known I felt really crappy because he stayed home with me. He is pretty sweet I think I will keep him!

I will update later today.

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