Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DR Visit

Sorry it took me so long to post I have been very busy at work. Plus when I went to see the doctor she got pulled out on an emergency c-section and so I had to wait forever to see her today. Poor girl was in labor and her blood pressure dropped dramatically. She said she got the baby out within 9 minutes of getting the call from her office...........amazing! Anyway, last night was very eventful because it seems I was having contractions every 3 minutes for a little over an hour. I thought to myself "I am NOT going into premature labor after everything else". So I sat my butt down and was very still for awhile and they subsided. I honestly think I had just worn myself out between work and home. Dr Moser agreed and said that was probably the case. Anyway, for the good news.......Jude's head grew again!!! He is measuring 24 weeks and 5 days on his head now. His actual head circumference is right on target! That means overall his lil head is if anything only a week behind! The doctor pointed out that regardless his head is growing. She said the ventricle on the left side is even to small to measure now. She said the one on the right still has fluid, but it is going down too. In addition the cerebellum is very noticeable and she can even see the ridges. I had her look at the corpus callosum and she said it is present on both sides. She said the right side is still a little thin, but she expects to see that get better too. She agreed with doctor Graham that we aren't out of the woods but she even went so far to say "this baby looks pretty normal!" NORMAL?????????? NORMAL??????? REALLY???? Anyway, she said if things progress this way then we can even look at a normal delivery...HOORAY!!!!! I didn't want a c section. Anyway, I understand that this does not mean we are out of the woods. Even if Jude progresses it could still mean he has issues after he is born. We won't really know the extent if any problems until he is about two. The point is though he has come a lot further than anyone though he would!!! I am looking forward to the day I can hopefully email Dr Twickler and tell her that Jude beat the odds. At least that would give her one negative case based on the MRI findings, and now one positive! Thus giving people hope! Some people ask me if it's frustrating that the doctor's were wrong. #1 we don't know that for sure yet. Plus #2 I don't believe they were inaccurate because I do believe Jude had a stroke early on. I saw the images myself showing the blood in the brain. Although, I did tell my doctor today that "I believe our technology detecting early issues in pregnancy has surpassed our humanity and what our bodies can compensate for". She said that was a very good point.

PS. Oh she did say "well we will hope things go well like this for the rest of the pregnancy and we can have a normal delivery. Although he is breech!" Of course he is!!!! lol. Anyway, I just hope our positive thoughts and happiness so not get squashed again. Come on baby Jude be our miracle baby! You can do it!!! Oh and the nurse told me I was a "tough lil cookie"....that made me smile :)

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Darla said...

Thank God and I mean that literally! Prayers work and I will continue to do it for you, Mike, Emily and Jude. Breech, ha! You can so concur that after all you have dealt with! Congrats on the good news...