Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well Emily gets out a half day today. Now explain to me why she gets out a half day today, and a half day tomorrow? Could they not just combine the two and let her get out of school today? Makes no sense to me at all. Oh well ........ my cousin is watching her, but she had errands to do to leave on vacation so Mike is hurrying his way through work to go get her. Anyway, I am a bit irritated that I am once again playing the patient game of waiting til our next sonogram. There is really nothing I can do to fast forward time though. As I stated before I am not a patient creature!! I would honestly give my left arm though to know if Jude's head is going to increase or not. I just want more than anything for him to be normal. Of course, I am sure every mother feels that way about their unborn child. Well most mothers anyway with the exception of those that don't want to be pregnant anyway. Don't even get me started on that tangent again though we will be here all day. Like I said before I am encouraged the brain ventricles have decreased in size. From what I have been reading this may not mean anything, but I choose to believe it does. Anyway, back to work. I am trying to get some policies in. Have a good day everyone.

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