Monday, June 2, 2008


So as you know we went to "Dr Doom's office" today. First, let me tell you that we took my daughter with us this time. In the car she said, "Mommy do i call him Dr Doom? I mean is he scary?". After giggling I explained that he was a very nice man and it's only that we seem to get bad news from him that's why he gave him the nickname. So I explained that his real name was Dr. Payne. She looked at my very confused and said " Well I am not sure which name is worse". HA HA HA! My child made a funny! Anyway, we actually saw his partner Dr Graham who was the wonderfully nice man that saw myself and my family when they came into town. He confirmed that........... (drum roll)......... Jude's ventricles DO indeed measure normal! He stressed that this does not mean we are in the clear. I basically brushed that off though because the neurosurgeon told us in the vents decrease then there has to be brain tissue filling in the other parts. Although, this lil guy won't give me a complete break because his head is measuring a bit behind. The doctor explained that as long as it stays within a two week delay and doesn't go to a four week delay than that is considered normal. So we are now praying that his head measurements catch up to him. The doctor explained the next scan will be the most important. He also encouraged us to get another MRI because it will show a definitive answer....yeah that's what they told me last time. No more MRI'S! I debated with going back to the perinatalist and I am almost didn't. I am glad I went though today and from here on out I really trust my OB. She got better measurements as well and I think she will be able to watch Jude. I am encouraged and can only pray that he continues to get better. I believe I have a little fighter and I will fight for him too!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers, encouragement, patience, and understanding. It means the world to me.

Ps. The skinny cow skinny dippers are very yum when you are pregnant :)

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