Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Response from MRI fetal specialist

I had emailed the fetal specialist that gave us the unfortunate news that the baby would probably have serious brain damage with some questions. I heard back from her today.

Here was my email:

"I had a few questions for you, and I was wondering if you can help me out?
Kay told me she saw you the other day, and let you know the baby has made
some progress recently. I am currently about 27 weeks. We have been
continuing to get sonograms about every two weeks on level 3 machines.
Judes ventricles have now decreased to 7.8 on the right side and 9.6 on
the left. The corpus callosum shows in full, the cerebellum is now full
size, and the head is measuring only a week behind. I am wondering with
your experience if you see the vents increase again in the third trimester
once they have already decreased?"

Here was her response:

"Hi, Sorry for the delay.The size of the ventricles decreasing is a very good sign, as are the corpus callosum and cerebellum growth. As far as your question, I am not aware of any studies that can answer that question.
I wish you the best,"

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