Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There is an Alien in there!

So last night I am laying in bed and I turn my ipod on for Jude to listen to. This is suppose to help stimulate cortical expansion so I am still playing him music. Well I guess it was a little loud because Jude went CRAZY! I looked at Mike who was brushing his teeth and told him his son was trying to break out. He then laughed and replied, "Whatever I think you are making this stuff up because I never feel him". So he walks over and places his hand on my stomach. Luckily his son decide he was going to really show off. For the ladies that have been preggo before you will know what I am talking about. Jude did that full roll where there are bones that feel like they are about to pop out of your stomach. Mike jumped back and ran to the bathroom with a look of shock on his face. I made fun of him for running away in which he replied, "I thought he was about to do the alien and pop out of your stomach!" So needless to say he has now really felt that there is a baby in there squirming around.
As far as the doctor's go I am on doctor hiatus until 6/11 and I see my OB. We will measure his head again and I am praying it has increased. As long as it keeps increasing and stays less than 14 days behind we should be ok. I have lots of high hopes for Jude and I hope this all works out. Which if he is ok leads into the question of are you irritated that you got a horrid diagnosis. No, not really. Sure it's been the most stressful time of my life, but they were only trying to do their job. So has our technology suprassed life itself? Maybe. Is it possible Jude will still have a negative outcome? Yes. I believe in him though like I said before and I believe he is meant for great things. I am glad I researched this entire situation though and saw Dr Roberts the neurosurgeon. His comments yesterday flashed through my head "if the ventricles go down that means the fluid is gone and something has to fill those gaps so one can only assume it's brain tissue". Here is a pic yesterday of Jude. Do you see his bubble in the amniotic fluid? Emily looked at the pic and said "mommy he looks a little like a goose". I guess he does because you cannot see his skin only the bones.
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Beverly said...

Jenn -

Your daughter's comments are funny! Darren and I continue to pray for Jude. It sounds like he is a fighter. Like you, I believe God has great plans for him. And in the process, all the stress you are going through and all the ups and downs, it's all part of God's plan for preparing you for life with Jude. Great things lie ahead for you all. Just wait and see!