Thursday, June 26, 2008

Doctor visits

Well it was a whirl wind of a morning filled with doctors appointments and the glucose test. Mike, Em and I were all starving by the time we were done. We did get some good shots of Jude though. First, we arrived at Dr Moser's office where I had to drink the lovely orange drink they give you for the glucose test...yummy. Mike informed me he needs those drinks for his "after work out drink".........have at it buddy...yuck! Anyway, Emily was in charge of watching the timer so I could go get my blood drawn after 1 hour. We then waited for awhile and went in for the 4d sonogram. It seems Dr Moser was getting certified on something on the sonogram machine, and there was a specialist there. He didn't know about our case so Dr Moser filled him in, and he then acknowledged that he trained under Dr Twickler (the mri dr). So it was rather nice that we had a specialist in there doing the sonogram with our OB. He looked at the heart for a long time, and even measured the amount of blood flowing in and out. This was rather fascinating because they showed me the aortic flow, etc. After hearing about the issues with the brain the specialist looked at me and said, "really? well it looks normal to me". Secret smiles flooded through me!!! Then I got my blood drawn (a lovely 4 viles of it) and off to perinatal specialists we go. We actually saw Dr Payne today (former nickname dr doom) whom we have not seen since he sent us for the MRI. He scanned Jude and measured all the ventricles. He stated he could not see the one on the right side, and the one of the left is measuring between 8-9. AMAZING. He informed us that he could not accuratley tell us if the brain patterns have filled in correctly, but this was still "remarkable" looking. He also said that he thinks this is very encouraging, and even shook Mike's hand. He then patted my leg and gave me a huge smile. He then told us he rarely sees the ventricles reverse themselves because they either stay the same or increase.. especially in our situation. I told him I had read they decrease in the 3rd trimester. He followed that with looking at me like I read to much and stating "not in this case". He then encouraged me to get another MRI, but I explained I really didn't want one. He told me if anything it will help with scientific growth research because this is a "remarkable" case. He liked the word remarkable today. He then explained he cannot assure us we wouldn't get in there and get negative news, but seeing how the ventricles went down, the head has grown, etc he is encouraged. Since there is only 1 other case that was as severe as ours (that he knows of) he thinks it would be good data for future counseling. He reminded me I wasn't able to obtain any data because the MRI was so early and there was that 1 other negative case. I am all for helping future cases especially since we didn't have anyone that could properly counsel us. Then again I don't want to go and get a negative results again, and worry throughout Jude's childhood when he may be normal. I may go and have them do the MRI if they want it for their scientific data to help others I am just not sure I want an other results. So that is what I am debating right now. So things are looking much better, but we are still asking for prayers that his head keeps increasing in growth size, and the ventricles keep decreasing. Basically if the head is increasing and the ventricles decreasing brain tissue has to be forming in it's place. Now whether it is the right "pattern" of tissue we don't know but I feel it is. Oh and Jude is 2lbs and 14 oz so almost 3 pounds!!! As I was leaving I wondered how many of the mothers waiting in the lobby were stressing about their visit. How many of them had lost faith, were sick to their stomachs, or felt the world just shouldn't carry on. I thought about them and quietly wished them all good news today.

Here are some pics.

Jude sucking his thumb:
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Jude's Feet!
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Jude's profile!
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Darron and Ashlie said...

Hi's Ashlie, sarah's friend. I have been checking in on your blog from time to time and am glad things look like they are improving for little Jude. I pray for him to have a healthy life. Obviously you don't need have already shown so much courage and strength!