Sunday, June 15, 2008


What a weekend!!! I was asked to judge a pageant/talent competition in Dallas a few days ago. After consideration I accepted the offer because it was well needed extra money, a nice hotel room, and wonderful food. Mike and I needed some time away, and even though I worked hard we got to spend some quality time together. It's nice when you are two tons of fun and your hubby still finds you beautiful!!! :). Yes, yes it was a pageant and regardless of what people think about them they can be enjoyable. I got to judge several things, but I was super excited I got to judge talent!!!!! I love watching people sing, dance, and show off their creative side! I loved it all. The people that own this system went above and beyond for their staff and their contestants too. Anyway, the point of my rambling is the music was very loud during talent/competition and Jude was rocking out in my stomach. At one point Mike was in their with me and felt him moving all around. He was shocked at how strong he is now. On Saturday night there was a big banquet, and the owners were nice enough to invite Emily to join us. It was my ex's weekend with her, but he agreed she would have a blast so he brought her up there for a few hours. She got a nice dinner, dessert, and they had a large pixie stick maker set up....which she loved. Anyway, all the kids got to play "doll bingo" and Emily wasn't getting any words called :(. So Mike rubbed her card and said he gave her good luck and she WON!!! She got a big bear that hooks up to her MP3 player and has a light show in headphones on it's ears. I have a picture of she and the bear, but I have to figure out how to transfer it from the phone to the computer. Anyway, since she was having great luck she then decided she would participate in a raffle where they were giving away several being a new puppy (oh my!). Mike said he couldn't take the stress that she might win a dog, and left to go down to have a drink at the bar...ha ha. A few seconds later I get a text that states "I am in the bar having a drink with your ex husband". If I could post a flabbergasted look right now in smiley icons I would. Well turns out they were not giving the puppy away until the next day, but Emily did win a big basket of candy/cookies. So therefore I decided to be rotten and text Mike "Um she won". I think he went into a bit of a panic and began texting back WHAT DID SHE WIN??? To say the least she had a very fun two hours, and so after that Em and I headed to find the boys. Emily asked "where is daddy". I explained he was having a drink with Mike. No flabbergasted icon needed because Emily had the look on her face. Funny how children even understand the ironic view points of some situations. It was a great thing though and I have always wanted my ex to be more involved with us and not feel alienated. Anyway, we get Em to her dad and Mike explains they had a very nice talk about Em's school, puppies, the new house, etc. I am very thankful that took place. So we are home from a weekend in Dallas. I got to cuddle up with my hubby in the room and everything was nice. We also felt our tiny son move all weekend and even found out just how far this blog is reaching. I had numerous people that I didn't know come up to me and say "I have read your blog!" I only hope to post pictures in a few months of a healthy boy so everyone can rejoice together while reading this. Oh and Happy Fathers Day to my husband, my dad, my ex, my cousins great hubby, and all the great dads out there!

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