Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Good Morning everyone! So I guess since I am nearing the end of this pregnancy my weeks are once again riddled with doctor appointments. Thursday I have a 4d sonogram (hooray) so everyone hope that Jude flips over so I can finally see his face. He likes to look at my spine or hide his face in his arm. He seems to be rather stubborn so it should be assumed he is his fathers child :). Anyway, after that I have my glucose test (yuck!), an appointment with the level 2 specialist, and then Tuesday another kidney sonogram. I am rather excited about the 4d sonogram though, and I am even taking Emily. Tonight we are going to tour the hospital. I have been through this before, but Mike is rather nervous. He said the more he knows about everything the more relaxed he will feel. He literally breaks out into a sweat when I start talking about delivery......it's kinda cute. So my kidney is not hurting as bad today which is a good thing and I slept pretty soundly last night. In fact I woke up rather refreshed and had energy...........until about 8:50..ha. I then remembered that the third trimester is very exhausting. I have yet to move from my desk again since I walked out to the mailbox. I think I need a nap already. Also, I swear just 1 marshmallow could give heartburn right now! Anyway, I will post the 4d pics when I get them.

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