Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh dreaded Mondays.... how they can do a person in I swear. Especially when your office just moved, and you have a plethora of boxes to unpack. I woke up this morning and my back was still killing me. On top of that I was still having those sharp pains and the other issues. I brushed it off as an over active imagination due to all the issues until I got into work. Then I decided to call my doctor. They had me come in and sure enough my blood pressure was pretty high again. She really thinks it is due to the pain though and the pain is coming from the kidney. Also, I wasn't imagining things yesterday regarding my stomach being smaller. Jude had finally turned and is head down, and is in fact facing my spine. So I cannot feel him like I normally do. I also got a lecture that I need to go see the level 2 specialist whether she goes the 4d sono on Thursday or not.........dangit! She did look at Jude's vents and one side is down to a FIVE!!!!!!!!! The other side (his larger side) is at 8.4. His head circumference is 27 weeks and 1 day and the BPD is 26 weeks 2 days. So even though it's a little behind his head is still growing which is what we are going for. I am hoping my baby boy proves them all wrong and is just fine. I really want Mike to be able to hold his son. So good news and bad news I guess. I have to go back to get another kidney sono and I am hurting today. My boss is stressed out too and doesn't seem to understand how bad I am hurting. He also said he is ready for me to have this baby........yeah well me too! lol! He has to grow some more first though. Don't get me wrong my boss has been as understanding as he can, and my office is now officially put together. So I am making progress!

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