Monday, June 9, 2008


My goodness. I have been bussssssssssssssssssy today! So if you haven't heard from me that is why. I did just have the wicked witch of the west come in to get a quote. She was so mean that I could see Sarah snickering in the other room. The lady had to be around 80 and hated Texas, hated our taxes, wanted to move back to her state, etc. etc. Anyway, by the time she left she and I were friends and were discussing Bonnie and! Sarah thought that was very amusing. Anyway, Jude has been active all weekend. I myself have been a giant roly poly and rolling myself out of my bed seems to now be great amusement to my husband. I honestly feel 36 weeks pregnant not 26 weeks. Anyway, my OB appt this week is 10:30 Wed so please say a little prayer that Jude's head has increased in size. If it has then I am going 100% with the fact this baby is going to be normal, and thus the talk of termination was incorrect. Also, I set an appt with a local pediatrician to visit his office. I am going to talk about when Jude is born and what he needs to be ready for. Thanks everyone for your prayers!

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