Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Bee

My goodness I am so busy at my office with work and the move. I didn't think I would get to post today. So I went to a pediatrician today to see if I liked him and it turns out I do. He was very upfront about everything. I was very impressed with the fact that he met me at the office at 7:55 before they opened. I didn't have a nurse greet me he actually greeted me. Emily was with me and he was very nice to her as well. He answered all my questions and seemed very professional. He asked me "So have their been any issues with this pregnancy". I said "how long do you have?" He listened to me and then said what we have known from the start of this that we are on a , "wait and see basis". He did state he would sonogram Jude's head once he is born and explained that gives a better perception of the brain than when the baby is in the womb. Anyway, it seems this doctor even designates times each day where he calls mothers back just to answer questions. We talked about breast feeding and he made me laugh because he said lactation consultants irritate him. His exact words were "I believe in the natural was of feeding and they are making a business out of the unnatural way" He then went on to explain how they push you to wake up a baby after 2 hours, etc etc. Anyway, we then discussed the pros and cons of vaccinations, about the circumcision, the feeding issues Em has, etc. So he is hired.
So I have a funny kid story for you. This morning I patted Emily's leg and said , "Pretty Emily!" She patted my hand and said with a smile "Pretty mommy......(pause).......well ok not so much today but your normally pretty and you will be pretty again after Jude is born". SIGGGGGGGGGGH out of the mouths of babes! I explained that Mommy is very tired right now and it takes a lot just to roll myself out of the bed to get to work..ha!!! I am sure my hubby is missing his thin, tan, and pretty wife too. I will get back to that spot though. Jude has been very active again and it's fun to feel him flipping around.

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