Friday, May 30, 2008


I am on a support forum with some other women. It seems one of the ladies that was due in August had a placental abruption yesterday and delivered her baby. She was just standing in line at Taco Bell, and started bleeding badly. Poor thing! Mike swears someone is putting something horrible in the water. Anyway her son is in the NICU, but seems to be doing very well. I am thrilled to hear that he is thriving! He was over three pounds and she even included some pictures. She is in my prayers today.
I am doing better today than yesterday. Jude was so active last night that you could see my stomach rolling. I made Mike feel him and he looked at me shocked and said "Wow, it's like fireworks in your tummy!". That's a pretty accurate description. Mike and I have a date night tonight, and we need it. We are going to dinner, and then to see Sex and the City (hooray!!). I have already lined up my tickets to make sure there movie isn't sold out before we get there. Also, even though money is tight I need to go get Em some clothes. Children's place always has great deals so we ware swinging by there too.
Mike made me feel great this morning. I called him and he said he was just thinking about me. Since you feel oh so sexy when you are pregnant that made me feel wonderful. I am hoping to finish Jude's room soon. I am still hunting items to put on the wall, and I need some shelves to put up. Luckily I have a pretty handy husband who is going to make some shelves for me. I wanted them rather rustic looking since the room is in a barnyard theme. It is coming along though and I think it's pretty cute! It is very important to me to treat Jude and this pregnancy normal. I feel it is only fair to him, and that in the end my faith in him will prove it is normal. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will update Monday after I see the level 2 specialist. We will know where Jude's brain vents are for sure after that appointment.

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