Wednesday, May 14, 2008

playoffs and normal lives

Well Emily's team won softball again tonight! They have now made it through the second round of playoffs. They played very well tonight, and I was very proud of them. Of course, I am also beat down tired since we got home at ten. Poor little Em will be tired as well tomorrow.

So I have been feeling a little guilty about being so self absorbed in my life lately. I am sure people get sick of hearing me talk about this issue....or not talk about it. I hope no one feels like I have just completely ignored them or anything. It's really not my intention at all. I am trying to deal with all this, and life in general the best I can. I guess the thought that I have been a less than adequate friend/family member was on my mind today.

Mike started painting Jude's room tonight and it's going to be CUTE. I am anxious to get it done and show everyone! Also one of my friends helping give our baby shower came to me in tears today. Of course the first thing out of my mouth was "no crying!!" hopefully it didn't offend her, which I doubt because she giggled and said, ok. Anyway, she asked me if it would be easier to have a small get together of close friends vs an actual shower until Jude makes it home (just in case). I thought about it, but replied that I want to keep things as normal as possible. I think Jude will be fine, and if he has special needs Mike and I will still raise him normal. He will not be taught he has a "disability". Plus the shower gives me something to really look forward to. She was very sweet, and they are planning away. So that made me a happy camper. They are very sweet!

Work is good too and let me say Mr. Tim has really come through. He has been a great and understanding boss during all this. Seems our lives are getting back to some normalcy and it is very nice.

I really do hope everyone has a wonderful week, and know I think about you guys and love you. I have not forgotten about anyone I promise!

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