Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update from neurosurgeon

Ok the neurosurgeon gave me three scenarios for tomorrow.

1. If the head had grown, but the ventricles haven't and there is no extra fluid around the brain that is a positive sign.

2. If the head has not grown, but the ventricles have plus there is fluid around the outside of the brain that is very bad.

3. If the head has grown, and the ventricles have grown, but there is no fluid on the outside of the brain then it's worrisome, but not as bad as the above.

Confused yet? I wrote it all down! Anyway, neurosurgeon is currently having the head radiologist view the MRI. He said that he doubts that he will say anything different except rebuttal what the other MRI dr said about the small cerrebellum and corpus callosum. Not that they aren't worrisome but that they are more worrisome if they are attributed to other defects and in this case they aren't. Which leads them to believe it's simply the pressure on the brain causing the size.

So we have something to go by.

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