Sunday, May 18, 2008


So I have been busy working this weekend and have not updated the blog. I am currently sitting here at the computer while Mike textures my kitchen. He made a comment yesterday that it's like we are playing catch up on everything because our lives were on hold. Em is with her dad this weekend, and I already miss her. We worked on Jude's room this weekend and I took a few pics. In one of the pics I noticed she had stuck a Disney princess book on his book shelf..ha! Anyway, I have been keeping up with some of my support forums. There are a lot of posts that I have read of women that had brain vents a little larger than Jude's that were not sent for an MRI. So the doctor's are simply working off sonograms, a clear amnio, etc. All of which Jude had. I am going to monitor these closely and see how their births turn out. So far there have been several that have delivered and they are normal babies. So I am continuing to ask for prayers. Have a great weekend everyone. Oh and I don't have another dr appointment for another week. I am suppose to go see DR. Doom, but I am going to try to put that off until week 28.

I got crafty the other night, and made something for Jude's room. What do you think?

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