Saturday, May 10, 2008


We went to Emily's softball game today. I thought it was the last game, but it seems they won again and are now heading to playoffs. So we will be in playoff games starting on Monday night. Jude kicked up a storm at the actual game. Speaking of yesterday the sono dctr said they don't put much stock into the fetal movement because different waves, fluid, etc can cause the fetus to move. Um, he kicks and hard! I talked with Mike this morning and told him that I had not heard the term Microcephaly used with the baby until yesterday. They were telling us around 24 weeks he could start developing this. Which basically means the head is small because the brain doesn't develop right. I went to read on this and yet again it states "can be a normal functioning child or highly retarded". Sigh! Anyway, so far his head is the prefect size! So I am going to continue to think that this will be the overall outcome! I watched the little boys play at the park today at Emily's game and smiled. I hope we get to see our son playing in the park too!

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