Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well not to be a grumpy complainer, but I woke up today with the worst pain from the kidney. I didn't even want to move from my bed, and I got really pissed off I had to (Poor hubby). Sometimes you just don't have a choice though, and you have to take your kids to school, and get your butt to work. It's awesome though feeling like one is in labor when your not. Yeah yeah I know, and I can hear people telling me stay positive because "you are how you feel". Well honestly I feel like POO today so I am a lil bitchy ok? Get over it! I am pretty tolerant of pain, but this takes the cake. If it doesn't go away I will be taking a trip up to L+D today to get an IV flush....I hate hospitals + needles so that should tell you something. I am tired of having something to complain about. I just want to feel good again. I know I need to keep Jude in as long as possible though. Also, I am sure you have read on the kidney issue through here, but let me explain. Basically my understanding is that hydronephrosis of the kidney is when your ureter (the small tube running from the kidney to the bladder) is blocked. So therefore it's like a water hose that has a kink in it. It spasms out because it cannot drain.... does that make sense? It's common in pregnancy, but most people don't know they have it because it develops in the third trimester...not the first and it isn't severe like this is. Must be a big boy....Mikes son for sure. I am kidding we aren't sure what caused it, but it could have been the cyst from earlier. I doubt it though since it's gone.
On a funny note I am wondering why people call my work after 8:30pm? I had two voice mails today after that time period. Do they expect us to be here, or are they looking for a voice mail?? Just wondering. On another funny note I am pretty much a roly poly lately. I think I posted that yesterday, but I truly am. It seems my tummy got really big within the last week. Mike said I looked like something the cat pooped last night when I fell on the bed..ha! I pretty much have to roll myself over to get off the couch or bed now. Gees, and I have 3 months to go! (perplexed look inserted here). A girl that saw me this weekend emailed me a sweet lil note. She told me how cute and tiny I looked pregnant. Um, I walk like a penguin so I doubt I am that tiny. Kel laughed at me getting down the stadium seating the other day, but I explained to her I topple over sometimes. I may not look that big, but I sure feel it. Anyway, Jude is active again today which is nice. Oh and as a follow up to last night Em did like Raiders. We only watched part of it because it was bedtime. I wasn't sure how she would respond to some of the cave scenes at the beginning with the people in the boobie traps. She looked at me and said "well if that doesn't look like a fake dummy gees!". LOL, Kids these days........as a kid that was real to me! Anyway, she got really into the rock chasing him through the cave, and was rooting he made it out. I guess she does see what I did as a kid with these movies. She also loves Star Wars........I guess she is mine :)

As a side note ~ What is the deal with the gas??? Why do I have to read about sweet little old women homeless on CNN? Just sick! Some of these millionaires need to contribute to our society!

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