Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ob appointment

I actually heard some encouraging news today.......yes I said encouraging! I went to my OB and after wiggling my way out of why I haven't gone to see Dr Doom I received my sonogram. She measured Jude's ventricles and stated that the left side was measuring 9.2 and the right side 7.8. That means they are DOWN!!!! woo hoo! I was watching her measure the ventricles and when I saw the scan across I said "Does that really say 7.8???"
She also said the corpus callosum is there on both sides. It's a little thin still, but that could be caused by the pressure on the brain from the fluid. In addition to that she sees additional brain tissue! That was wonderful to hear! Granted she is not the level 2 sono, but still her measurements before were 10.4 the same as his! The only concerning things were there was fluid in 2 spots on the left side. Also, that the head was measuring 22 weeks 4 days. That was alarming to me since we are watching for microcephaly. Although, she stated she really thinks she could have been off on the measurement and that the circumference is measuring normal. She said she will re-scan in 2 weeks and if at that time it is still measuring small then she will be concerned. His sonogram was pretty cute. He had the hiccups at one point, was yawning, and then would just open and close his mouth. I enjoyed watching this one.
I have also been feeling so big lately. She told me I have a lot of extra amniotic fluid and that's why I am measuring larger. I still swear there are two babies in there. lol! Anyway, so hopefully Dr Doom won't deflate my balloon because this sounded very encouraging. I did agree to go see him around the end of June. Also, it looks like Jude will be born 9/2. Please say some prayers that the head increases in size and the ventricles keep decreasing! 7.8 is a normal size! Maybe he really will be our miracle baby!
I know the possible reality of this situation. I also know we love this baby very much, and regardless of what lies ahead we will give him the best life possible. He will have a beautiful big sister that already talks to him, a dad who adores him, and a mom who has faith in him. Thank you everyone for all your support so far. It truly means the world!

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