Monday, March 1, 2010

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I took the weekend off from blogging, Scentsy, Work, and anything else other than family, and relaxation. I enjoyed it! My aunt called me last night wondering what had happened because I had not updated my blog since Thursday. We laughed for a bit, and I just explained I took some time off.

Friday night Mike, and I just hung out at home, and then Saturday we got up with some plans to go shop for the kids. It was my birthday, and I wanted to just spend the day picking up some items they needed, and spending it with Mike. Before we went I was relaxing on the couch with Jude watching TV, and suddenly my heart started fluttering rapidly, and my chest hurt again. It scared me to death! I started crying to Mike that I didn't want to die, and he just hugged me. I thought about staying home, but I decided to get out, and see how I did. My chest hurt throughout the day, but it seemed very light. This morning I was in a great mood, and very relaxed so I went to take my blood pressure and it was 136/90, DARNIT! It just makes me so mad!! I am dreading the cardiologist on Friday, and praying it's something simple. Honestly, my gut is telling me it's more serious than I think, and I think that's why I am so frustrated. I believe in seeing the positive, but this is aggravating me. Plus there is no telling what caused it....the difficult pregnancy, the black widow bite, something hereditary, Yaz, stress......who knows.

So Jude was good all weekend, and seemed pretty relaxed. I did give him a bath yesterday, and he got very upset with me, but other than that he seemed to be doing well. I have noticed his legs are turning in some from lack of standing on them, so I am hoping we can get him comfortable with his stander.
Em has an interview today with Channel 11 so last night we moved all of Jude's therapy equipment up to his room. We were planning to do that anyway, this just got us motivated. Honestly, Mike moved most of the equipment, while I did chores downstairs. He also moved Jude's crib into our room, and Jude seemed very very happy to be back in his bed again.
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Plus, we now have his crib toys hanging up so he can play with them if he wakes up. This is a lot less stressful on me. Jude makes a lot of noises while he sleeps so the baby monitor does not suffice. He has been in our room since he got so sick again, and I am happy his crib is near us.

So for my birthday Mike took pictures of the kids for me, which was very cute. Mike has always been a photographer, and even flew to Spain to film the running of the Bulls. With what happened to Jude his creativity has been stifled, and he put his passion on the back burner. He has now gotten back into his love of pictures, and plans to do this on the side for supplemental income. As you can see he is amazing. He took these pictures in 5 minutes before Jude freaked out.
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So I got some boxes ready last night for Em, and her friend to fill today for her interview. These is just a glimpse into my living room.
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A Girl Named Me said...

Take good care of yourself.

Such sweet pictures of your babies. Jude looks SO HAPPY in his crib.

Candace said...

Love the pics of the kiddos, yes Mike has a gift! Go easy on yourself, Jenn. We don't want to see you end up getting sick. Hugs....

Katy said...

Beautiful pictures. He's very talented.

Jude looks so happy in his crib. Charlie stays in our room at night--so much easier since he can't get up and let us know if he needs a drink of water or something.