Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So about 2pm Mike called and informed me that Jude's fever had indeed started to rise again. I figured it would, because I knew he was sick. He also threw up again today, his rapid breathing was back, and at 4pm had only taken in 7 ounces. I finally just decided I WAS calling the doctor, and they had us bring Jude in. I was SO busy at work I had worked through lunch yesterday, and came into work early today so I left just a tad bit early, and met Jude at the doctor. By the time we go there his blood oxygen level was only 92. The doctor didn't seem to concerned, but I was.

The doctor inspected Jude from head to toe, and seemed concerned, but non chalant like he normally is. He actually pulled out his tongue depressor, and gagged Jude until he threw up, three times. I know it's disgusting, but Jude threw up a ton of mucus. He then informed us that Jude's airways had been blocked by large amounts of mucus. They then took his blood/ox again, and it was at 96. The doctor said he was happy with that reading. So he then informed us Jude has a virus, he wasn't ruling out RSV, but his cough "sounded different" than RSV. So he wrote us a prescription for allergy medication, talked to the nurse about procedures at home, and we then talked about oxygen. He said he doesn't believe in oxygen at home because he believes the oxygen level will always lower during a seizure. Strange thing is our neuro said the same thing. The oxygen at home seems to help establish the continuous need for a nurse, but it seems no one no longer believes in it.

Anyway, Jude is still running a fever, coughing like crazy, but he has now eaten 16 ounces since they cleared his airway. We are keeping a watch on him, but we feel a lot better.


Pam said...

Feel better Jude! My little guy has the croup and coughing up sticky mucous plus a nasty ear infection right now too. That stuff is hard to deal with Mama. Try to get a lot of sleep whenever possible cause you are no good to nobody when you are not feeling well yourself. That's what my Ma always tells me anyway.

Lisa said...

is he using a nebulizer at all? would that help? chloe has had a ton of problems as a result of her acid reflux and i remember one day it was the worst i had ever seen her and it was very scary...a lot of gagging and trouble breathing...i think she was in the low 90s for the oxygen level too. but the doc just made me increase her breathing treatments and in a few days she was a lot better.