Saturday, March 13, 2010


Jude is not feeling well, bleh! He cried last night for an hour and half, and when he was done I needed Calgon, Wine, and Candles. He finally fell asleep but never woke back up to eat, or take his medications. This morning we have been able to get his meds in him, and about five ounces. We took him into the bathroom today with heavy steam to get the mucus out of his throat. We also gave him the allergy nose spray, and plenty of saline. He is in a good mood now, but you can still tell he is a bit under the weather.

I appreciate everyone's comments on the Keto diet, and I am still researching it. We are very hesitant because of the unknown lasting effects on the kidney's and liver. Mike, and I used to avidly work out, and consulted a nutritionist on our meals. Now we have no time to work out, but we do remember what we were taught. I am keeping in mind that the medication could have a lasting affect just as well as the keto diet could. So I think it is just going to require more research, and education on our part before we make a final decision.

Mike just came downstairs, and told me that the Special Olympics will be near us on March 27th, and they need volunteers. We are thinking about going, if we are able to. I am also still working on Emily's Smile Boxes picnic, and hope to have more information on that soon.

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Candace said...

Jenn, I sure hope Jude gets on the mend quickly. It seems like our kids go from illness to illness, doesn't it?